Full-Body Bathing Bucket

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  • Easy to install, easy to store, and easy to drain after bathing. This tub set includes 12 brackets, 1 water injection cushion, 1 drain valve, 1 storage bag, 1 drain pipe, 10 bath bags, 1 backrest, and 1 insulation cover.
  • It does not require an inflatable bathtub and is easier to install. After receiving the goods, the 6 brackets have been installed, you only need to install the special-shaped brackets.
  • The folding bathtub is more convenient for storage. The tub is only 4kg, which is easy to move and can be used in various scenes.
  • The moderately priced bathtub is suitable for all seasons. The size of the double foldable bathtub is larger than the traditional round bathtub. It is a bathtub that is more suitable for bathing, and you can take a bath with your family.
  • With a bathtub cover, it can strengthen heat preservation, save steam, and can achieve a better fumigation effect.

Customer Reviews

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Geraldine Bergnaum

Perfect portable tub!

Leonora Keebler

Good product, I like it.

Thelma Willms

Good product!

Gussie Block

Received quickly.

Judson Kulas

The product itself is great quality. Simple instructions that are pretty intuitive based on its design & common sense. No problems with packaging or product.